The 1st Day of School and the Difference Between Boys and Girls! @ 10 Aug 2017
Today is the first day of school here in our part of Florida and my children have officially gone off to their first day of 3rd and 5th grades. My son started 3rd grade and my daughter started 5th grade and all the buildup to the first day has finally hit its peak. I can’t help but reflect on just how different it is preparing for the first day with a girl versus a boy.

My son spent his last night of summer relaxing while watching TV without a care in the world. My daughter’s last night was spent with me brushing her hair fresh out of the shower to prepare it for the next day, applying the fake nails she insisted on and then filing them down to an appropriate length for a 5th grader to function in the classroom. We also had to iron her first day of school dress and choose the right pair of new shoes to go with the dress. Sadly, I was ill-prepared for the tasks of the evening with only one glass of wine left in the bottle on the counter, so I sipped slowly.

You would think this would mean we would be good to go in the morning, but…not so much. Once she was dressed this morning, she then decided that the fake nails applied last night needed nail polish. Oh, and one of the nails fell off in her sleep and got lost in her bed sheets, so we had to glue on a new one. As a "righty," she can only successfully paint her own left hand and needs mom to paint her right hand. While the nail polish dried and she carefully ate her cereal trying not to mess the paint, she needed mom to flat iron her hair because, well, boys.

Then there’s my son. He rolls out of bed, puts on half of the first day outfit I laid out for him after substituting the button down shirt I chose for a t-shirt with “Legend Status” on the front. He’s always had his own style, so I’m just happy he kept the nice sear-sucker shorts I chose with his shirt choice. While mom was busy tending to his sister’s “girl needs” he had time to play with the puppy, fly his RC helicopter outside, eat and pack up his school supplies with time to spare.

The reality is that this will likely always be the case with these two. At least my son is getting ample practice in “waitin’ on a woman” for his future. Next year, I’ll be sure to add wine to the school supply list so I’m better prepared. For now, I’m just sipping my second cup of coffee and basking in the beautiful solitude and serenity the first day of school brings to my home and home office.

Does this happen in your house, too? I’d love to hear your first day of school story in the comments below!

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