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Hurricanes Are Like Kids’ Birthday Slumber Parties…
Think about it. Both require preparation in advance where you try not to leave out anything you may need, both require you to spend money, both require you to prep your home knowing it may very well be destroyed after the event, both require you to “hunker down” while mass chaos happens around you, both require a massive clean-up effort, both make you gain weight from over-eating and, when it’s all said and done, both leave you exhausted and have people checking for survivors and damage at daybreak! The only real difference is that you choose to host a birthday party, unlike a hurricane! Lucky me, I got to have both a hurricane and a birthday party in the last week, so I’m officially an authority on this!

I live in Florida so I’m among those lucky residents who got to hear about a disastrous hurricane coming our way weeks in advance, spent weeks scrounging stores for the staples to be prepared for the impending power outages, waited in gas lines to fill up my car a week in advance only to have to fill up again as we got closer because the storm was moving so slowly, and then, in the aftermath, scrounged stores for scraps of food while we waited for them to be restocked. Schools were shut down for a week, and parents were starting to get desperate for an outlet!

In comes the birthday party! Hurricane Irma rained on my daughter’s birthday parade (literally), so we pushed that celebration back to the following weekend. We prepped the food, decorations and house, “hunkered down” for the festivities (at least I did), and then prepared for the aftermath and exhaustion, which one of the moms affectionately dubbed the “sleepover hangover.” The morning after brings the “outer bands” of the sleepover storm. That’s when you think you can start cleaning up, but are quickly reminded it’s an effort in futility since it’s not quite over yet.

The likeness between the two is uncanny when you stop to think about it. Can you relate? Do you have a Category 5 Slumber Party story to share? We’d love to hear it so please share in the comments!
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Posted on 22 Sep 2017 by Tutor Teach Coach

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