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14…(FOURTEEN!) Bags of STUFF Out of 2 Kids' Closets!
I spent the bulk of my Sunday knee deep in bags of…stuff…coming out of my children’s closets. Fourteen white household garbage bags of stuff to be exact. Some of it is hand-me-down quality, some of it is marked for donation, and the rest is…trash. Where in the world does all of that come from?

I didn’t wake up this morning planning to spend my day in closets. Had the weather been a bit nicer, I would have turned down my daughter’s suggestion that “we” tackle her closet today. I say “we” because that was how it was pitched to me but, let’s be honest, I did the work. In retrospect, that’s the best way to handle a task like this anyway since I was able to bag freely without her input on things she may have opted to keep, only to have them sit and collect more dust for another year or so before they catch the next round of purging. My daughter is about two weeks away from turning 10 and really wants her closet to take on a more mature feel without the toys and stuffed animals of her youth occupying the shelves. She actually wants to use the space for clothing, and I get it; she’s getting older and so are her needs. The scary part is that now she will feel the need to fill all of the newly empty shelves that once held the picture books, games and toys she’s now outgrown. While I am a huge fan of purging, this particular purge reminded me that my little girl is not so little anymore.

If I was going to purge one kid, I had to purge the other, too. My son’s closet still serves the purpose of toy containment and he’s ok with that for a bit longer as the younger sibling. However, sometimes it seems that when his toys are closed up in that closet too long, they reproduce! I swear that I purge closets several times per year and yet they always seem to be overflowing. In my son’s case, there tends to be more pieces of toys than fully intact toys; either that or he just collects junk. It may be my own fault for using lots of baskets in his closet to contain all of the little loose pieces of toys. Each basket seems to eventually become its own “junk drawer” of sorts. Today consisted of lots of basket dumping into both donation and trash bags…oh, and Nerf gun and ammo organization.

Now, at the end of a super exciting Sunday, I get to sit back with a glass of wine and try to figure out how two closets produced fourteen bags of stuff. I also get to work out how quickly I can move those fourteen bags out of my garage! Can any of you other parents relate? Do you also have junk-producing closets in your homes? Tell us about it in the comments!
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Posted on 27 Aug 2017 by Tutor Teach Coach

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