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Think about it. Both require preparation in advance where you try not to leave out anything you may need, both require you to spend money, both require you to prep your home knowing it may very well be destroyed after the event, both require you to “hunker down” while mass ...
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Posted on 22 Sep 2017 by Tutor Teach Coach
I spent the bulk of my Sunday knee deep in bags of…stuff…coming out of my children’s closets. Fourteen white household garbage bags of stuff to be exact. Some of it is hand-me-down quality, some of it is marked for donation, and the rest is…trash. Where in the world does all ...
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Posted on 27 Aug 2017 by Tutor Teach Coach
Have you ever just been so impressed and inspired by some of the students or athletes you come across as a teacher or coach? Every year of my career as an educator so far, I find myself sitting back and smiling after a conversation with a student and considering myself ...
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Posted on 18 Aug 2017 by Tutor Teach Coach
Today is the first day of school here in our part of Florida and my children have officially gone off to their first day of 3rd and 5th grades. My son started 3rd grade and my daughter started 5th grade and all the buildup to the first day has finally ...
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Posted on 10 Aug 2017 by Tutor Teach Coach
Anyone who has been through school or has students who are school-aged right now knows that the term “Summer Slide” is the real deal. This refers to the very real occurrence during the summer months when students tend to “slack off” of the academics that dominated their daily routines all ...
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Posted on 29 Jul 2015 by Tutor Teach Coach
Did you know that some people have been able to make steady tutoring their exclusive source of income by building up their student base and setting up consistent weekly sessions with each of them? It’s true! While building a student base of that size can take time, it is certainly ...
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Posted on 15 Jul 2015 by Tutor Teach Coach
Well, it’s officially summer vacation for students and teachers across the country. As educators, we all know how insanely hectic the end of the school year is. From wrapping up curriculum, to combating apathy and laziness in our students whose minds are ready to check out for some summer fun, ...
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Posted on 02 Jul 2015 by Tutor Teach Coach
It’s certainly a hot button issue nowadays in and out of the classrooms and hallways of school buildings. As an educator, I try to read as much as I can on both sides of the conversation about the sheer quantity of testing administered to our students, but I can’t quite ...
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Posted on 08 Mar 2015 by Tutor Teach Coach
I joke that it’s like I've gone through school twice in my life. As a student, I obviously started in kindergarten through to 12th grade and beyond, but as a teacher I have also taught kindergarten up through 12th grade! I started in 3rd grade, moved to kindergarten for a ...
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Posted on 26 Feb 2015 by Tutor Teach Coach
The funny thing about running is how much it mimics life and life’s lessons. It models the old adage that anything worth having in life takes work. One year ago today, I ran my first half marathon after being challenged by a friend. I was a non-runner. Sure, I worked ...
running life parenting lessons
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Posted on 23 Feb 2015 by Tutor Teach Coach
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