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Academics, arts and athletics are three passions of TUTOR TEACH COACH Founder and President, Jessica Middleton. Jessica has been an educator since 2003 teaching multiple grades and subjects spanning from kindergarten through 12th grade and spent 5 years working at the corporate level of a multi-state, No Child Left Behind-funded tutoring company. In her work as an educator and in the tutoring business, Jessica has observed the benefit of individualized instruction based on each learner’s specific needs. Whether the learner is a student needing extra support and instruction in a specific course or subject, an aspiring artist or musician needing guidance at honing their skills and talents, or an athlete seeking one-on-one coaching to help them perfect their performance, individualized instruction has the power to affect change and bring results.

Oftentimes, locating the right professional for your learning needs can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look, how to start, or if there is simply no one in your immediate area who can meet your needs. In 2014, Jessica set out to create an online platform for learners of all ages to locate and connect with the professionals they need. TUTOR TEACH COACH provides the opportunity for students and professionals to make connections that were not possible before. TUTOR TEACH COACH professional members no longer have to rely on hometown classified ads to reach potential clients, and learners and students no longer have to rely on word of mouth to locate someone local who is qualified to help. Today’s technology makes it possible for learners and professionals to work together regardless of their location or distance from one another. Many of the TUTOR TEACH COACH professional members offer online or distance instruction whenever appropriate, allowing them to connect with and work with learners near and far. As a parent and educator, Jessica wanted to help make these connections possible, but also to provide peace of mind for learners and clients by background screening all professionals joining the site.

TUTOR TEACH COACH was founded to help learners connect with instructors quickly and easily, no matter the discipline and no matter the distance, and to promote life-long learning for students and athletes of all ages worldwide.

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